About Editio

This brand offers great leisure time and allows to forget about day-to-day turmoil. Perceptive commentary and ingenious fiction of the best kind guarantee excellent and intelligent entertainment. Editio is a brand of carefully selected literature for insightful people that expect a book to be something more than just a pastime.

Exceptional people, extraordinary stories, the most interesting phenomena of both high and popular culture… Literature not for a moment separated from real life and agelong subjects… When reaching for an Editio book, prepare yourself for the encounter with spiritual masters, philosophers and publicists. Dalai Lama, Borges, Philip K. Dick, Stephen Hawking or Richard Dawkins – these are the people you will meet on Editio pages. Wojciech Zimiński, Grzegorz Miecugow, and Professor Maria Szyszkowska will be your guides into the world where „book” means pleasure and entertainment with a slight hint of magic… in words.

„Reading books is the most beautiful pastime humanity has ever invented” - Wisława Szymborska

Making Faces

Dwie inne książki Amy Harmon były dobre. I tyle. "Prawo Mojżesza" mnie nie zachwyciło, a "Pieśń Dawida" była dobrą obyczajówką. "Making faces" to bestsellerowa pisarka "New York Timesa" ...

Skazani-na-ksiazki.blogspot.com/, 2017-09-26

Spotkania. Opowieść o wierze w człowieka

Marian Zembala to niesamowita postać. Znany kardiochirurg, były minister zdrowia, poseł na sejm, a także wieloletni współpracownik profesora Religii.Jego dokonania można by mnożyć, a zachwytom pod jego adresem prawdopodobnie ...

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